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Authorities close two media outlets

Honduran authorities closed Radio Globo and Cholusat TV on Sept. 28, after declaring a state of emergency and suspending major civil liberties for 45 days. The two stations were the major voices of opposition to the June 28 coup that ousted President Zelaya.

The de facto government backed away from its attempt to shut down protests and limit civil liberties after congressional leaders refused to support the decree. De facto President Micheletti asked the Supreme Court to lift the decree “as quickly as possible,” and even asked for “forgiveness from the Honduran people.”

Before congress protested, the interim government stated on national television that unauthorized public meetings will be banned and the news media will be temporarily closed.

The suspension was in response to the ousted president’s call for his supporters to protest exactly three months after the coup.

Soldiers and police entered Radio Globao early in the morning, taking transmission equipment and blockading the entrance.

Radio Globo journalist Carlos Lopez told BBC that soldiers had “confiscated everything.”

According to, Xinhua, “After President Manuel Zelaya ousting in June 28, Canal 36 and Radio Globo broadcasted messages from Zelaya and summoned mobilizations to support him.

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